Data Loss Prevention

Data loss is an error condition in information systems in which information is destroyed by failures or neglect in storage, transmission, or processing.

Dataloss Senarios include:

  • Intentional deletion of a file or program
  • Accidental deletion of a file or program
  • Misplacement of CDs or Memory sticks
  • Failure, resulting in data in volatile memory not being saved to permanent memory
  • Hardware failure, such as a hard disk
  • A software crash or freeze, resulting in data not being saved
  • Software bugs or poor usability, such as not confirming a file delete command
  • Theft, hacking, sabotage, etc
  • A malicious act, such as a worm, virus, hacker or theft of physical media



Axxera powered by HIBUN offers Data Loss Prevention Solution at three different levels:

  • Data in Motion: Data which uses HTTP, FTP, IM, P2P and SMTP protocols are mirrored in the DLP server for inspection where visibility is enhanced.
  • Data at Rest: Data in file servers, databases, hosts computers set for file sharing, etc.
  • Data at End Points: Data which sits on end user hosts (workstations and notebooks).