About Us


Founded in 2007, Axxera is uniquely positioned to safeguard the electronic presence of today's corporations. Our founders pioneered the security industry by designing and building security infrastructure worldwide. Axxera has helped secure hundreds of global organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, and emerging e-businesses.

Industry Expertise

Our 24x7 Real-Time Managed Security Services, and our complementary Security Professional Services group provide integrated, cost-effective network protection that is tailored to individual customer needs across a variety of industries, including:

  • Healthcare & Life Services
  • Financial Services
  • Power & Energy
  • Telecommunications & Technology
Real-Time Managed Security Services

Axxera’s proprietary technology platform provides a fully scalable and extensible monitoring and protection solution for today’s complex electronic enterprise. Our vendor-neutral solution supports all major security products. Our technology collects data, normalizes it, and gives our industry leading Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts the tools they need to actively interpret and address all security data from your entire network.

Axxera is uniquely positioned to safeguard the electronic presence of today's corporations. Axxera provides Predictive and Real-Time intelligence based protection for our customers, using global threat intelligence from our intelligence sensors across the internet. This reputation based service, continually updates customers backbone routers with a personalized global threat list to prevent inbound and outbound connections to malware sources and botnet armies.

Axxera 4N6 Management System

Axxera 4N6 tool was developed with a forward vision of an ever-expanding digital forensic market. With a need of the integration of different forensic tools in single console. Axxera 4N6 manages all Digital Forensic tools in one centralized portal designed specifically for the public and private sectors as well as law enforcement agencies.

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