Axxera’s Central Intelligent SIEM is the industry's most powerful and scalable SIEM solution available today, rising to the challenge of today's enterprise, government, and critical infrastructure networks. In today’s complex security world, having just SIEM platform is not enough, it has to be configured with processes and procedures to proactively combat/mitigate the security risks. Our patented built-in ITIL security processes and procedures are tightly integrated into the Central Intelligence SIEM platform. Every high-risk event occurred in the environment is correlated with ITIL discipline.

Central Intelligence SIEM analyzes and correlates every event that occurs across the organization, also brings all of the power of intelligent contextual correlation to bear on your compliance and security management needs. Detects anomalies and other indicators of risks and threats before threats occur, so you can strengthen your security profile and minimize risk.

  • Advanced contextual correlation
  • Built-in ITIL framework
  • De-duplication and Auto Resolve of events
  • Drill-down risk Oriented analysis
  • Compliance Management
  • Compliance reports and dashboards
  • Automated asset inventory
  • Availability and resource monitoring
  • Real-time analysis and reporting
  • Massive data collection across a wide range of information sources using Central Intelligence Sensors
  • Content awareness for broad visibility and deep analytics
  • Powerful detection & management of risks and threats
  • Integrated tools for improved security workflow

Central intelligence SIEM platform is built on the basis of Security, Availability and Performance (SAP) triangle. Security effects Availability and Availability effects Performance, vice versa. Having total visibility into S A P is very crucial for any organization to maintain the security posture.

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