Increased reliance on the Internet as a business medium continues to create new challenges for enterprises that deploy mission-critical initiatives via the Web. Protecting corporate data, applications, and other strategic assets from potentially harmful acts is a complex proposition. Security policies must be developed and consistently maintained, complex security controls must be deployed and monitored, and staff must be trained and ready to respond with appropriate expertise and methodologies.

Organizations are under increased pressure from the marketplace and regulatory agencies to implement comprehensive security capabilities that enable integrated consumer, and business–to-business, web operations. Today’s enterprises have the unique opportunity to take advantage of a globally available outsourced solution that secures and protects business assets. Working with Axxera, your company can carefully plan a security strategy that not only enhances your core business, but helps create a distinct competitive advantage.

Axxera’s Security Professional Services core premise is that Information Security solutions should be based upon each client’s fundamental business models and processes. Axxera’s consultants work in collaboration with a client’s staff to determine both high level strategic threats to critical business assets, and specific technical vulnerabilities.

Together with our clients, Axxera devises comprehensive enterprise Information Security strategies that provide necessary security. Axxera Professional services draws upon years of collective business, Information Security and network engineering expertise, which enable Axxera Consultants to provide complete and effective business security solutions. Axxera Consultants are experts in all aspects of security consulting including, but not limited to:

  • Creation of Security Policy and Security Plan
  • Security Assessment and Audits
  • Controlled Penetration Testing
  • Network Security Architecture Consulting
  • Incident Forensics and Response
  • Senior Security Consulting and Engineering

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