With years of relevant experience, Axxera brings a proven approach to cyber solutions across federal, commercial and international markets. Axxera SIEM Product and in-house experts deliver breakthrough technology in areas such as information management solutions that incorporate advanced sensors; deep analytics; large, real-time data warehouses; electronic records management; tailored manufacturing for quick reaction capabilities; and intelligence operations support via SOC (Security Operations Center).

Axxera SIEM Integrates with 3rd Party Security Product manufacturers and provides suite of Security solutions. Axxera and its partners believe “Security effects availability and availability effects performance”. We address the following areas:

  • Risk Management : Get the information you need to make better-informed risk decisions
  • Corporate Audit : Track and document open source risks to your organization.
  • Legal : Identify and track compliance, trademark and HR issues.
  • Marketing/PR : Quickly maximize positive publicity or mitigate negative stories.
  • HR : Monitor employee relations, EEO and policy issues.
  • Physical Security : React immediately to threats against your facilities.
  • Information Security : Find out if someone has posted vulnerabilities, configuration files, etc.

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