Organizations are struggling not just with maintaining strong IT compliance, but also with understanding what policies and standards they should be implementing. A typical organization is a complex, and diverse environment with a variety of platforms and various sets of control objectives. Understanding what is required and how to achieve cost-effective, strong IT compliance requires comprehensive intelligence of regulations, frameworks, and the relevant best practices, and the appropriate tools to automate the process.

The complexity of ensuring compliance and strong IT governance in an organization is made more difficult by the variety of security issues that must be monitored and the need to comply with multiple external mandates. Unfortunately, the majority of costs associated with implementing strong IT compliance come from often-repeated, time-consuming processes: creating, defining, and distributing policies; tracking exceptions; managing standards; managing entitlements; remediating deviations; and performing both procedural and technical assessments. The most imporatnt need for organizations is to find a way to perform these costly processes more efficiently.

Axxera’s Compliance Services provides end-to-end coverage for the IT compliance lifecycle, including policy development, security assessments, log monitoring and reporting, threat tracking, and remediation. Axxera’s Compliance Services provides the most comprehensive view of risk and compliance posture with a combination of point-in-time controls assessment and real-time monitoring of risks and threats.

Axxera enables organizations to collect, store, and analyze log data as well as proactively monitor and respond to security threats in order to meet IT risk and compliance requirements. It can proactively monitor, collect and respond to various event data and security threats, and correlate the impact of incidents based on their criticality to business operations, or the level of compliance to various mandates.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Compliance and Audit reporting
  • Log retention
  • Proactive Intelligence-based Security
  • Aligns security and compliance requirements with IT operations
  • Meets compliance reporting requirements quickly and effectively
  • Gains accurate, real-time visibility into your security risk posture
  • Increases IT staff productivity by prioritizing the most critical of security issues
  • Reduces IT security operational costs and improve response time
  • Provides appropriate security service levels to different business units and geographies
  • Dedicated report and dashboard processing system
  • Extensive list of predefined reports and dashboards
  • Ability to distribute reports as e-mail attachments
  • Support for Historical Data Management

Axxera’s breadth of services enables us to provide clients with just the right solution to meet industry requirements and particular security challenges. Axxera has deep experience helping clients meet and exceed their security objectives in a cost effective manner. Axxera offers the following solutions to help address security challenges:

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