Vulnerability Management

As more IT organizations are supporting heterogeneous environments with increasingly diverse operating systems and applications, they need an automated and streamlined vulnerability management solution to simplify and expedite the process. Axxera Vulnerability Management enables enterprises to effectively manage the entire lifecycle utilizing automated vulnerability assessment, patch management and remediation.

Considering that over 90% of cyber attacks exploit known flaws for which remediation is available, effective vulnerability and patch management should be on every company’s to do list. However, in today’s economy, enterprises are forced to do more with less and maintain a secure IT environment while keeping operating costs low. This creates an enormous challenge for enterprises in light of more virtualized environments, as well as an increasing number of remote employees who reduce the organization’s visibility into the network and control over the devices that are brought in and out of the environment.

Additionally, IT security is under tremendous pressure to show compliance with regulatory or corporate policies as well as industry best-practices to prevent system configuration drift.

When faced with all the challenges, it is important that organizations find the right balance between effectively addressing network security and compliance concerns while keeping a low total cost of ownership. Axxera Vulnerability Management delivers automated vulnerability assessment and patch management through an integrated solution that enables you to automatically detect risks, deploy patches and defend your business information across a complex, highly-distributed physical and virtual environment with greater efficiency and minimal impact to productivity.

All of these activities are seamlessly integrated into a single management console for complete visibility into your network. Obtaining visibility into your environment and providing comprehensive reporting capabilities are of utmost important so you can automatically identify and remediate issues and provide validation of security policies against industry standards and compliance with IT security aspects of government regulations.

By consolidating vulnerability data with centralized policy enforcement and compliance reporting, the Axxera Vulnerability Management solution enables you to effectively manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle and transition from a reactive security model to a proactive risk management approach:

  • Gain complete visibility of your heterogeneous network environment
  • Proactively identify known issues before they can be exploited
  • Focus on your most critical security risks first
  • Automatically deploy patches on an entire network
  • Gain a holistic view of your environmental risk

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